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Newsletter 20/03/23

(Reg Charity 1199330)

C/o Greystones Primary School, Tullibardine Road, SHEFFIELD S11 7GL

Telephone: 0114 2671111

20th March 2023

Dear all,

What a couple of weeks! Lots of snow and some warm sunny days. The blossom and buds are appearing on the trees, bees are buzzing, birds are making their nests and lambs are being born. With the clocks going forward at the end of this week bringing lighter evenings it really does feel as if spring is on the way!

This is the last newsletter of this half term; we are now two thirds of the way through the school year and looking ahead to transitioning some of your children into school! With this in mind please can you either confirm that your child will be going to school in September or what days you wish your child to attend in the next academic year before we break up on the 31st March.

This week we will continue to look at the season of spring, we will be looking at the different parts of a daffodil and painting them for a new spring display. We will also be completing our bean diary and planting a sunflower to take home. Our beans are quite tall now, I hope yours are too. We have also acquired some large drums of powder paint so we thought the children might like experimenting with the paint to make new colours. We will be practising our balancing activities outside, using stilts and some new equipment that we have acquired from Ecclesall Preschool. We will continue to play silly soup with this week’s letter of the week being the letter A and the number of the week is 5. We will be thinking of things that begin with the letter A, practicing writing the letter ‘a’ as well as drawing the number 5 and singing number songs and rhymes. We will also be talking about Ramadan and encouraging the children to do one act of kindness to a friend on each of the days we are in the setting between now and the end of term

Next week we will be talking about Easter, we will be making Easter baskets, Easter bonnets, Easter cards and Easter nests. We will be having an Easter egg hunt and reading the Easter story. We will be talking about new life and the life cycle of a chicken. In our small group work we will be looking at the letter T and the number 6. This week will also be the last week we dance with Charlie. Charlie has been a part of our setting for the last 9 years, helping us dance and have fun on a weekly basis. It goes without saying that all the staff team will miss her enthusiasm, love of children and everything dance. She really will leave a big hole in our team and we thank her so much for all the fun we have had along the way.

Home Learning Challenge

  • Go for a walk or visit a farm over the holidays and see if you can see any lambs.

  • Have a play date with a friend

  • Play I spy

  • Count forwards and backwards to 5 or 10

  • Create a weather chart

  • Have an Easter egg hunt

  • Eat lots of chocolate!

Finally I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all after the holidays where we will be looking at resilience and school readiness as we prepare your child for their transition to school.

Have fun,



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