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Newsletter 17.04.23

(Reg Charity 1199330)

c/o Greystones Primary School, Tullibardine Road, SHEFFIELD S11 7GL

Telephone: 0114 2671111

17th April 2023

Dear all,

Welcome back to what will be the last term of this year. How time flies when you are having fun. This term we will be looking at the great outdoors, planting and growing, lifecycles, the weather, the season of summer, seaside and under the sea. We will also be preparing a group of children for the transition into school, so a busy time for all.

For those of you whose children will be transitioning into school in September you should have now received notification of the school that your child has been allocated. Please can you let me know this information as soon as possible, as we like to work with all the schools in the area to ensure that your child’s transition into school is as smooth possible.

With this in mind, we will be working on the following during this term. Turn taking, feelings, friendships, kindness, following routines, self-care and independence, sun safety, changes, transition, and memories of the year. (PSED). We will be playing communication and language games, looking at familiar books, learning rhymes, poems, and songs, asking lots of questions, what, why, when, who? And look at prepositions (CL). We will be working on our fine and gross motor skills including pencil control, moving to music, exploring varied materials and tools and den building both indoors and outdoors (PD). We will be counting to twenty and recognising numbers to 10. As the term progresses we will be counting forwards and backwards, noticing shapes of everyday objects as well as learning one more or one less than a given number and looking at capacity when playing with water (Maths).We will be continuing our letters and sounds work, phase 1, aspects 5-6 (alliteration and voice sounds – summer 1) and phase 1 aspects 6-7(voice sounds, oral blending and segmenting – summer 2). We will be making our own books, repeating familiar phrases, and sequencing stories from pictures (Literacy). We will be looking at the world, plants, growth and change, recycling, and life cycles (UTW). We will be drawing maps, making puppets, dressing up and listening and dancing to music from other countries as well as celebrating EID, the Coronation and Father’s Day (EAD). As always, the newsletters will give you a snapshot every couple of weeks of what we will be working on.

We will also be having our very own musical stories performance on Tuesday 13th June 2023 at 1.30 pm. A BIG THANK YOU to Polly for giving us this wonderful opportunity for the children to access this musical extravaganza. Watch this space for further information.

We will be holding a parents evening for those children that will be staying at preschool on Wednesday 17th May 2023 between 3.15 and 4.15 pm. Please contact your child’s Key Person to make an appointment that suits you.

For the rest of you, we will be holding transition meetings during the last half term before your child leaves us to go to school. I will notify you of this date in due course.

Hopefully, we will have some warm and sunny weather in the weeks ahead. Please can you ensure that on these days your child comes to preschool wearing sun cream and with a hat, water bottle and a change of clothes (we do like a water fight on a hot sunny day!).

We are also hoping to hold a sports day and family picnic in Endcliffe Park one Saturday in July. We are trying to synchronise our diaries and I will let you know an exact date as soon as I can.

Home learning Challenges

  • Build a house for fairies or dinosaurs.

  • Have a teddy bear’s picnic.

  • Encourage your child to be independent at home (such as getting dressed, cleaning their teeth, putting their shoes on).

  • Talk about the importance of staying safe in the sun (wearing sun cream, drinking water).

  • Remember to water your bean and sunflower plant from last half term (if it is still alive!)

Although this term is extremely busy, we are looking forward to having lots of fun together.

Many thanks,


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