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Newsletter 16/01/23

(Reg Charity 1199330)

C/o Greystones Primary School, Tullibardine Road, SHEFFIELD S11 7GL

Telephone: 0114 2671111

16th January 2023

Dear all,

I hope you have all had a great weekend and are looking forward to week ahead.

This week we will be looking at the festival of Chinese New Year before we move onto the topic of people who help us.

This week we will be watching a short video clip about Chinese New Year which will show the children what happens during the festival. We will be playing with coloured rice, pompoms and ribbons on our tactile table, making fireworks on our creative table and eating noodles for snack! We will be making red envelopes and discussing about how these are filled with coins symbolising good wishes and luck for the year ahead (we will put a chocolate coin in each one for the children to take home). We will also be reading the Chinese New Year story which explains how each year is named after a different animal and talking about the year of the rabbit. We will be making dancing dragons, lanterns and looking at Chinese numbers 1-5, we will also be having a visit from Charlie and taking part in a dragon dance as well as making our very own dragons head and having a parade at the end of the day complete with drums and instruments.

In the week commencing the 23rd January 2023 we will begin our topic about people who help us by looking at the emergency services. We will be talking about doctors, nurses, paramedics, police and the fire brigade. We will be sharing stories about the police and firefighters and making our own fire engines complete with sirens and wheels and wheels and discussing items that we might find in a fire engine. We will be using our imaginations to pretending that we are firefighters, the police or doctors. We will be having lots of fire practices and will be having a visit from a real firefighting team complete with a fire engine! During this visit we hope that the children will be able to wear some of the equipment, sit in the engine and fire the water hose up the playground. Many thanks to Jill Mclean for arranging this exciting event for the children.

As part of the above we will be practising our scissor skills as well and working on our fine and gross motor skills. We will be listening to environmental sounds both inside and out and will be continuing our letters and sounds work (Phase 1, Aspect 3-4, body percussion and rhythm and rhyme) We will be also looking at the five aspects of print and talking about all the parts of a book including the blurb! As part of our maths topic we will also be looking at 2D and 3D shapes and working on recognising numbers 0-5 and 6-10.

As part of our healthy eating topic over the last two weeks we have looking talking about what we eat for lunch and completing a lunch time survey. Whilst doing this we have noted that children are still bringing whole grapes, whole cherry tomatoes and olives. Please could you ensure that these items are cut in half as whilst we try to monitor what the children bring in their pack up these items are a potential choking hazard to small children? We have also noted that some children are bringing nuts or nut related products and I wanted to remind you that preschool is a nut free zone and that any nuts or nut related products will be removed from your child’s lunch box and returned to you at the end of the day.

Home learning Challenge

  • Go on a walk with your child and look for numbers and shapes in the environment.

  • Practise cutting with scissors.

  • Talk about fire safety

  • Play sound/listening games

  • Take your child to see a dragon parade.

I am looking forward to a fun couple of weeks together.

Many thanks,


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