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Newsletter 05/01/23

(Reg Charity 1199330)

C/o Greystones Primary School, Tullibardine Road, SHEFFIELD S11 7GL

Telephone: 0114 2671111

5th January 2023

Dear all,

Happy New Year and welcome back!

I hope that you have all enjoyed a well-deserved break over the last couple of weeks and that you have had a great time spending time with your family and loved ones.

As per my previous newsletter we will be looking at the topics of healthy eating, our bodies and people who help us.

Over the next two weeks we will be talking about which foods are good for us (fruit and vegetables) and those that are no so good (crisps, biscuits, sweets and chocolate). We will using our snack times and lunch club to talk about having a mixture of good and not so good foods and about how making good choices helps to keep us healthy and gives us lots of energy to keep active. We will be singing our fruit song, chopping up fruit and vegetables for snack, making soup and taking food surveys during lunch club. We will also be encouraging the children to try new foods. We will be drawing around fruit stencils and discussing which fruits we like and which we don’t. We will also be printing with fruit too, making pictures for a healthy eating display and taking a visit to the doctor’s role play corner. We will be looking at a range of books and stories including Supertato, Handa’s surprise and the Very Hungry Caterpillar. In addition to this we will be talking about our favourite books and learning rhymes and poems. We will also be talking about friendships, turn taking, following routines and fostering independence and looking at the changing of the seasons and similarities and differences. So we are going to have a busy time.

As part of our fostering independence topic we will be encouraging your child to put on their own coat, hat, gloves etc. With this in mind please can you ensure that all items are labelled clearly with your child’s name to avoid confusion.

As there is the likelihood of snow and inclement weather in the weeks ahead please could you ensure that the setting has all your up to date contact information. Whilst we will endeavour to stay open in these circumstances there may be an instance where the setting has to close and in this case we will contact you by email.

From now on the Newsletter will be sent out on a fortnightly basis and any updates in between will be sent to you via email. In the meantime here are a few things you can be doing with your child at home.

Home Learning Challenge

  • Play games that involve turn taking

  • See how high you can build a tower using bricks

  • Encourage your child to eat fruit and vegetables or try ones they have never tasted before

  • Read rhyming stories together.

I am looking forward to hearing all the stories about what the children have been up to over the holidays.

Wrap up warm!


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